The French "breast augmentation crisis" spread the global 400000 breast augmentation

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At present, the division abroad, other place to use PIP company of silica gel in the rupture of breast augmentation rate of normal levels.

The French gather implanted restoration company (PIP) by the production of inferior breast augmentation silica gel products cause panic from France began to spread around the world. PIP was the world's third largest silica gel implants producers, use the company product of women in the European consumers, far to the South America and Australia. The estimate, the potential victims could be as many as 40 ten thousand people.

The French government 23 called for 30000 affected French women accept "to dismantle to play" surgery, will take silica gel and cost of the public health insurance fund account.
Special words: city satisfying.

Report from our correspondent according to the British media, French PIP company produces the inferior breast augmentation silica gel, use is not accord with human body health standard industrial use silicon, without the French health supervision department for approval, but the price is cheap 10 times. The industry with silica gel is widely used in computers, furniture and kitchen utensils and other industries.

PIP company produces the inferior breast augmentation silica gel be implanted into a woman body and broken proportion than normal. Although PIP set up the bankruptcy closed, but in closed, this company has about hundreds of thousands of pieces of prosthesis sold all over the world, used for breast augmentation surgery.
8 people cancer 1 people dead.

France about 30000 women PIP implanted the production of silicone breast augmentation, eight people diagnosed with cancer, one of those people died, and hundreds of women experiencing breast augmentation silica gel broken. PIP breast augmentation of silica gel patient groups Nebraska cher says: "we estimate that in the world scope may have 3.4 million potential victims." She discloses, Italy and Spain had a female and her contact, express their concerns. In addition, venezuela, Brazil also arise problem cases.
The French public operation.

The French related department ruling last year, the government only subsidized because breast cancer and breast augmentation of the victims of the silica gel implants PIP accept "to dismantle to play" operation, those who are of beauty purpose of breast augmentation women do not support range.

23,, the French government decided by the study, called for the French tens of thousands of breast augmentation of silica gel implants PIP women accept "to dismantle to play" surgery, the breast augmentation silica gel, take it out of the public health insurance expenses of operation fund commitment.
At the same time, the health department has begun an investigation into whether cancer and breast augmentation PIP silica gel is connected. Preliminary survey results will be announced in 23,, the world multinational health department to this concern.

The French plastic association spokesman Philip figure west says, PIP body damage rate as high as 10%, far above the 4% to 5% of the normal levels. He said: "the past many years to all the test are not shown with cancer, but silica gel PIP breast augmentation of silica gel. Obviously quality"
The company went bankrupt claims hopeless

Report from our correspondent PIP company was founded in 1991, headquartered in southern France, was once the world's third largest breast augmentation silica gel manufacturers, with an annual output of more than pieces, including eighty percent for export.

In March 2010, is due to report breast augmentation silica gel breakage rate, the French authorities recovery of the production of the breast augmentation PIP silica gel, PIP company losses of 9 million euros, so into bankruptcy liquidation stage.

In Britain, at least 250 implanted PIP breast augmentation silica gel women are taking legal action for their joint prosecution surgery reshaping organization. Legal experts have said that as PIP company has declared bankruptcy, so the company to the responsibility of the limited.

The plaintiff tendril of ・ o one of harrison said: "think they put the things in the human body is sick, it shouldn't even be in the animal."
Britain, there is no carcinogenic evidence

So far, the British drug and health care administration received only a rupture report. But British drug and health care products regulators, says that so far no scientific evidence to prove an increased risk of health, the patient had no reason to need to panic.
MHRA officials issued a statement that said, they have just events and France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Austria, Denmark and Malta the related departments of official exchange opinions. "They all think that no evidence that PIP production will increase cancer risk silicone breast augmentation."
South America last year banned entrance.

For a long time, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil and South America countries due to provide preferential price of cosmetic surgery services, and attract a lot of consumers from all over the world to visit. However, these countries from started in April 2010 banned imports of breast augmentation silica gel.
Brazil health department, said the state 25000 Pope implanted PIP breast augmentation silica gel case, but so far hasn't received complaints. Health department officials said the Argentina PIP breast augmentation silica gel carcinogenic "insufficient evidence", but the proposals are concerned by women to consult a physician.

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