The Reason of the Success of Cambridge Satchel Lies in Its Classic

20. března 2012 v 3:16 | Cambridge Satchel
Cambridge Satchel successful reason lies in the Cambridge university graduates Julie's flexibility, when she felt huge demand of fashionable circle, she timely adjust and cater to the direction of unexpected market.

"We have not holding the original business plan, just put my bag in children's clothing store, although I think that before that. Will" Jolie said.

Cambridge bag company actively to close the fashion world, in addition to the original sales network, Dover Street Market, even the carver, Bohemia, Doorstep Luxury department stores such as become their sales channels. The ASOS cooperation a few money colour with the gorgeous set limit to bag. At the same time, the Cambridge pack also derived with the new style different subtle, traditional Satchel plus a horizontal put his hand was called Batchel, more easy to carry.

People of the classical, inside collect of British style of recognition is undoubtedly Cambridge pack fiery and a reason. British selecting, British manufacturing the Cambridge pack people brings the third world OEM products outside of the choice. "Satchel is Britain's classic, I think it must be in British production, there is nothing like a bag is more British taste......." Julie never consider moving production to cost more low place. "There is not any take off line, needle jumping, scratches, no flaws." This is a blogger called the Cate of 15 inches of the evaluation of the purple Cambridge pack, or even to send the parcel come over, she said: "I really like the old with white cord tied together the parcel, and old baggage claim tag, I seem to get the his own a small some Victorian times."

More than one hundred pounds of prices make it all seem worth the money. In fact, nearly two years some luxury brands have also launched their own handbags restoring ancient ways, such as Celine launch of the Classic Box, and the launch of the Mulberry Alexa. More important, the Cambridge pack regardless of sex, and at the same time, it also attract thick nostalgic taste a wider age layer consumer, Kenneth from London in purchased a turquoise because only the 11 "after Cambridge pack said:" thank god, so that the old things can now exists, and from the material to the style is perfect, it reminds me of the grade one time only match colors bag, the nerazzurri is 1956 years!"

Julie is not without worry, Cambridge pack are faced with the problem is simple: how long will this wind blow? The relative single product is the company's largest malaises. But no matter what, Cambridge of mother and daughter were small mill products, in no foresee, nostalgic taste, the center of the people was the street pats, be invited cooperation, were taken into big fashion week, and then be the world as IT Bag, borrowing fashion a stream of unsolicited dongfeng development and expansion, this may be the most lively fashion this year's story, anyway the tuition is children should earn enough.

IT Girl the phrase comes from 1927 English novels and playwright Elinor Glyn, used to describe the Hollywood film IT "sexy, grade outstanding and character of the perverse heroine Clara Bow. Since then, people began to use the "IT" is a word to describe Clara this kind of women: they both charming sexy, and energetic, to pop culture play a revolutionary effect. Cambridge pack of popular much attributed to these IT Girl.

IT Bag is inevitable fluorescent cambridge satchel, the most popular, the longest waiting list, followed female star people most photographed, also be the most version "essential" the handbag. American media also give it a nickname "Arm Candy"

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